Understanding Gravel Truck Insurance

gravel truck insuranceThere are specific risks that come with operating gravel trucks. No matter how carefully your employees cover and tie down loose cargo, there’s always the chance that sand, rocks, and soil will escape the truck bed during transit. Even the most seasoned operator may occasionally cause an accident that results in bodily injury and property damage. In addition to safety and job training, you can protect your employees and assets with comprehensive gravel truck insurance.

Types of Gravel Trucks

The most common gravel trucks include transfer trucks and end trucks. They are both variations on standard dump trucks. Unlike standard dump trucks, gravel trucks have a separate cargo container. Standard dump trucks consist of a chassis and a mounted bed with a hydraulic ram that lifts the bed to dump the load. Conversely, end dump trucks consist of a trailer that has its own hydraulic system. There are various configurations for transfer trucks, depending on how you use them.

It may not seem like precious cargo to some, but you know the true value of high-quality soil and gravel. You also understand the impact that missed deliveries have on construction and other projects. Learn more about the types of gravel truck insurance available for your company.

What Gravel Truck Insurance Do You Need?

Gravel truck insurance can help you cover expensive damage and bodily injury expenses associated with these large vehicles. Like auto insurance, there are two main types of gravel truck coverage, liability, and physical damage. However, you’ll also need cargo insurance to protect the contents of your truck from covered perils.

Work with a commercial insurance broker who understands your business to learn more about the following coverage types:

  • Liability insurance: Covers medical and property damage bills associated with accidents and incidents caused by your gravel truck.
  • Physical damage coverage: If your gravel truck receives damage due to an accident, this coverage expedites the repair process, so you can get your vehicle back on the road quickly. It also covers non-vehicular damage due to things like theft, fire, and vandalism.
  • Cargo insurance: If your operator spills a load on the roadway, you might end up paying for the loss. If you have gravel truck insurance, your policy handles any loss and damage to your precious cargo.


Gravel trucks are the heart of many construction and mining operations and make it possible to move huge quantities of materials. With the assistance of a knowledgeable insurance broker, you can ensure that you have the right coverage for your entire fleet.

Find the Right Gravel Truck Insurance Broker

Protect your haulers and your company with the right gravel truck insurance. Your commercial trucks travel over winding roads in all types of weather. Due to the enormous loads they carry, gravel trucks require specialized insurance. Therefore, it’s essential to find the right insurance broker to put your mind at ease. Our team at Hawsey Insurance can handle the needs of gravel truck owners. Contact us if you haul dirt, sand, gravel, and other heavy loads. You might also want to look into dump truck insurance for the rest of your fleet.

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