Dump Truck Insurance: Quality Coverage for Hard-Working Companies

Dump trucks traverse the roads daily. Each haul may be slightly different. One may be gravel, another asphalt, and yet another could have coal. The drivers behind the wheels are professionals who know how to do the job efficiently so the rest of us can enjoy new roads, buildings, and warm homes. Each trucking company faces unique challenges as its drivers pull thousands of pounds of material through congested highways and side roads. Finding the best dump truck insurance is vital to maintaining your reputation and bottom line. Without adequate liability and physical damage coverage, one claim could put your enterprise at risk of closure.

At Hawsey Insurance, our brokers focus on your company’s needs. We understand that you need to keep your revenue and reserves high to grow your business. We work with you to prioritize covered items and events to ensure you have adequate coverage that won’t break the bank.

Essential Dump Truck Coverage Types

Knowing the essential coverage types you need for the best possible results starts with a conversation with a licensed broker at Hawsey Insurance. We will discuss with you each kind of protection and its benefits:

  • General liability: Sometimes called bodily injury liability, this policy type is the basis for all other policies. This covers claims from injury to others and property. It can help cover medical expenses and lost wages, among other things.
  • Physical damage: Accidents often bring damage to your trucks. Other potential events that can cause damage include theft, an overturned truck, fire, vandalism, and floods. With adequate coverage, you don’t have to pay out of pocket for these expenses.
  • Medical and personal injury protection: Not only do trucks and property get damaged in accidents, but people can be hurt, too. This can lead to paying medical and other expenses for drivers and their passengers. Insurance to cover this helps you financially keep your company in the black.
  • Downtime: It happens. A collision causes physical damage that puts your truck out of commission. When a truck is down, you face losing money. With downtime protection, you can keep up with lease payments and other expenses. This helps you keep your doors open while your truck is in the shop.
  • Gap insurance: For trucks that depreciate faster than the financed value, gap coverage can help. The last thing you need is for a collision accident to completely ruin your truck, landing you “upside down” on the loan or lease.

Why Your Business Needs Dump Truck Insurance Coverage

Protecting your company’s assets has never been easier when you work with the dump truck insurance brokers at Hawsey Insurance. We help enterprises like yours obtain the best policy options at reasonable rates. We are happy to answer your questions when you contact us. We believe that long-term relationships make both parties successful. Learn more about the best coverage types when you contact us today.

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