Why You Need Gravel Truck Insurance

Gravel trucks are crucial to construction contractors, general contractors, and any commercial enterprise needing to haul dirt, rock, or sand. These professionals work tirelessly, driving from the gravel pit to the job site, often through bad traffic. Additionally, many drivers on the road suggest that stones flying out from the treads of a gravel truck are the cause of cracked windshields. Owner-operators and for-hire truckers need protection from these and various other risks that they face on a daily basis.

At Hawsey Insurance, safeguarding your gravel trucks and drivers is our priority. Despite your employees’ diligence, accidents will still happen. Thankfully, there are numerous choices for gravel truck insurance. Rely on our experienced brokers to guide you through options that enhance the safety of your vehicles and operators and shield your business from potential insurance claims and legal expenses.

Reasons to Obtain Gravel Truck Insurance for Your Mississippi Company

Business owners and drivers-for-hire understand they face risks every time they slide behind the wheel. Between the weather and other drivers’ mistakes, you never know what you may encounter on any given day. Yet, you and your drivers are dedicated to your customers. You deserve quality protection that you can find in a gravel truck insurance policy from a reliable brokerage. If you are sitting on the fence about insurance, think about these four reasons to make the commitment for your enterprise:

  1. Help when there has been a physical injury: When accidents happen, you may be facing a lawsuit. The claimant will probably want payment for their lost wages and medical expenses because of the accident. Having proper coverage aids you in these situations.
  2. Coverage for medical payments: Strangers on the road aren’t the only ones injured in an accident. Your driver and any passengers can sustain injuries as well. Specific policies of gravel truck insurance offer this protection.
  3. Protection from uninsured motorists: Unfortunately, some irresponsible people get on the road without automotive insurance. What happens if they are at fault in your accidents and have no insurance? You may face some hefty bills unless you have uninsured motorist coverage.
  4. Fulfill law requirements: You are subject to various state, county, and municipal laws as a business owner. You want to ensure you have what is required to operate above board with the best coverage possible.

Drive Protected with Gravel Truck Insurance from Hawsey Insurance

Operate your company with peace of mind when you have the best gravel truck insurance. Your drivers and customers will also feel better knowing you have taken the correct steps to protect them and the enterprise, especially when you work with a dependable brokerage like Hawsey Insurance.

At Hawsey Insurance, we work with you to tailor your coverage for your unique situation. We get to know you and your needs. We will also review your existing coverage for potential gaps and offer solutions at reasonable rates. We believe in building a relationship with you, not treating you as a transaction. Learn more about how we can aid you when you contact us today!

Call Hawsey Insurance at 601-856-7707 to request a quote for gravel truck insurance in Mississippi. Feel free to contact us online or make an appointment to stop by our Madison, Jackson, and Southaven, MS offices.