Specializing Is Good – Even When It Comes to Contractor Insurance

If you try to help everybody, you will end up helping no one. That is one idea behind specializing in the business marketplace. Consider contractors for a moment. These skilled craftsmen become the best in their arena because they can perform a job like no one else. For example, a plumber excels at fixing water leaks, installing sinks, showers, and faucets, and can unplug a backed-up system. A landscape contractor doesn’t necessarily have those skills.

When it comes to protecting your contractor’s business, the same adage applies. If you have a general policy that covers everything, you run a good chance that it won’t cover the specific instances you need it to. Finding the best coverage starts with consulting experienced brokers about specialized contractor insurance for your Jackson, MS, business.

5 Types of Industry-Specific Contractor Insurance

One size does not fit all when it comes to protecting your livelihood. Talk to your insurance broker about finding the right policy. Here are some popular industry-specific coverages you can get:

  1. Landscaping: Making people’s homes and businesses beautiful takes a green thumb, and you have one! You love working outside, planting, trimming, pruning, and mowing. You also work with chemicals and utilize work trucks. You may be liable for pollution issues. A landscape contractor’s policy helps mitigate the different risks you may face.
  2. Mold remediation: It can be difficult to get insurance when you work with nasty mold spores. You present a high-risk profile requiring coverage that can help cover unique scenarios that don’t occur in other fields. That is where a mold remediation policy comes into play.
  3. Roofing: Roofers work in high elevations under hot conditions. They also have many tools to ensure they can get the job done correctly, on time, and on budget. They have clients depending on them to protect them from the elements. Specialized roofing contractor coverage offers what you require.
  4. Janitorial: Until the global pandemic, janitorial services were the unsung heroes of office buildings everywhere. Your team uses chemicals and equipment to provide a clean environment for your clients. Because of the different risks, you need a janitorial policy that can hold up when a claim is filed.
  5. Restoration: You bring a unique talent to the skilled trades area. You can bring buildings back from the dead after a fire or water damage. There are many liabilities that you may face, including pollution and mold. Hence, you need to know you are covered by a restoration contractor policy.

Conduct Your Business with Confidence – Choose a Specialized Contractor Insurance Policy  

You work hard to serve your customers and build your business. Get the best contractor insurance for your specific industry when you work with the knowledgeable team at Hawsey Insurance. We have experience with a wide range of industries and understand your unique needs. We will sit with you, answer your questions, and provide tailored coverage options at reasonable rates. Head out to your next job site with confidence. Talk to us today!

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