Best Roofing Contractor Insurance in Mississippi

roofing contractor insurance

As a conscientious roofing contractor, you work hard to provide customers with a solid roof over their head. Just as you shelter homeowners, you need insurance that protects you and your crew. Roofing contractor insurance provides general liability coverage in case a client or other party files a property damage or personal injury lawsuit against your company.

Your policy can help to cover events that happen as a direct result of projects you work on. It shields you from financial losses if you lose the case. Although roofing contractor insurance protects your business and employees, it doesn’t cover your customers.

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What Is Covered in Roofing Contractor Insurance?

Work with your insurance agent to find the right combination of coverage for your roofing business. Typical roofing contractor insurance programs may include the following:

  • General liability: Make sure your business is covered for bodily injury and property damage to third parties who aren’t employees.
  • Package policy: Covering both general liability and property insurance.
  • Professional liability: You need this coverage if you provide consultation to customers for specific treatments of their roof. It protects you from legal claims if your advice results in material losses for your client.
  • Workers compensation: Workers compensation insurance helps pay for medical expenses and lost wages for workers who become injured or get sick due to an incident at work.
  • Commercial vehicle policy: If you have trucks, vans, or cars you use for business purposes, commercial vehicle insurance protects you in the event of an accident or other covered event.

Curious about what other coverage you should consider? Fill out our online form with the relevant information for your roofing business. We’ll help you determine what coverage can protect you and your business from the unique risks of the construction industry.

We often recommend the following types of coverage to protect additional items, such as your tools and equipment:

  • Tools and equipment floater
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Work performance bonds

Roofing Contractor Insurance

When it comes to roofing contractor insurance, you need the best insurance available within your budget. The professionals at Hawsey Insurance help you build the perfect policy for your business insurance. Call 601-856-7707 today to get started.