Find the Right Mold Remediation Contractor Insurance

Mold Remediation Contrator Insurance

As a mold remediation contractor, you may have a hard time finding an insurance carrier to cover your business. Companies specializing in mold damage present a high-risk profile. You work in hazardous conditions and strive to uncover all related defects. However, it’s easy to miss something that can later lead to property damage or bodily injury. You can rely on a Hawsey Insurance representative to find the best mix of insurance coverage for your business.

Even if you have general liability and professional liability insurance, it may not cover all the scenarios that can arise from disgruntled customers. Let’s take a look at the types of insurance mold remediation contractors rely on to protect their businesses.

Types of Mold Remediation Contractor Insurance

If you have general liability and professional liability insurance, you may feel that you have enough coverage for third party claims. However, we also recommend that you include other coverages in your commercial insurance package.

Here are three types of liability coverage to consider for your mold remediation company:

  • General Liability: This coverage offers legal and financial protection for property damage and injury related to company business. General liability coverage provides reassurance to you and your clients that your insurance will help cover this type of mishap. Some policies exclude coverage for mold remediation, so you should read the fine print of your policy.
  • Professional Liability: Errors and omissions insurance covers damage caused by negligence and mistakes. Even skilled professionals can’t get everything right all the time. Professional liability insurance protects your business against related lawsuits and damages.
  • Contractor Pollution Liability: This unique coverage handles injury, property damage, legal defense, third party injury, and cleanup for conditions resulting from pollution. Also called environmental liability, this insurance covers work performed by subcontractors.

Many general liability policies exclude damage and bodily injury claims resulting from pollutants. Additionally, most general liability insurance won’t cover mold remediation or cleanup due to pollutants.

Let a Hawsey Insurance agent help you find comprehensive insurance coverage for your mold remediation business. We may also be able to help minimize your risks by recommending certain precautions.

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