Want to Save Money? Don’t Skimp on Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Jackson, MS

When the economy gets tight, people and companies look for ways to cut costs. They will often look at every expense to see if it is worth keeping. For example, subscriptions are often the first to go for the everyday person. For businesses, it may mean cutting back overtime, finding cheaper supplies, and sometimes, letting workers go. It’s great to save money where your company can. One area you don’t want to cut corners on is your insurance, especially workers’ compensation insurance. Like all coverages, you don’t use it daily, but it helps when you need it most.

How Workers’ Compensation Works for Jackson, MS Companies  

Not all states require this crucial piece of your company’s protection plan. Workers’ compensation does more than protect your employees. It safeguards your enterprise. Understanding how this coverage works helps you in making quality business decisions. Workers’ compensation insurance:

  1. Provides help to an injured employee. The primary benefit of workers’ compensation is the assistance it provides your staff with work-related injuries or illnesses. This coverage helps with medical expenses and lost wages if an accident happens.
  1. Covers both employees and employers. The coverage is set up to protect your team and your company.
    • Benefits for employees can also help with vocational rehabilitation for those with permanent injuries and provide survivors’ benefits.
    • Benefits for employers include the protection from being financially liable if an employee gets injured or sick from a work-related incident.
  2. Is funded by the employer. While the employee is covered, the employer pays for said coverage.
  3. Has a sometimes complex claims process. The claims process changes from state to state, but in general, it will look something like this:
    • The employee reports the injury or illness.
    • The employer files a workers’ compensation claim.
    • The appropriate agency processes the claim.
    • The employer reports the incident to OSHA.
    • The insurance company pays out benefits.
  4. Has some injuries that are not covered. Not every injury is covered by workers’ compensation insurance in Jackson, MS. A few examples where a claim may be denied include employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, self-inflicted injuries, and an employee not on the job when the injury happened.

Keep the Protection Going with Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Find the best workers’ compensation coverage even while you are watching expenses by talking with the team at Hawsey Insurance. We have decades of experience helping businesses from all types of industries. We understand the needs of our clients and are happy to review existing policies, offer options to fill any gaps and provide tips for keeping claims at bay. We supply a wide range of coverage options to ensure you get the coverage and protection you seek at reasonable rates. Call us today for more information on general liability, property insurance, cyber insurance, and fleet insurance. We’re happy to help!

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