What to Consider When Buying Restaurant Insurance in Jackson, MS

Restaurant Insurance Quote Jackson MississippiMany factors go into what type of insurance you need for your restaurant. Legally, you have an obligation to carry some types of insurance such as workers compensation. If you have a loan related to your business, your lender may require life insurance and general liability insurance to protect their investment. Additionally, if you lease space for your eatery, the building owner may require particular types of restaurant insurance in Jackson, MS.

At Hawsey Insurance, we have experienced commercial insurance agents who can help you review your insurance obligations and get the best coverage within your budget. We may recommend the following types of restaurant insurance to protect your business assets and employees:

  • Worker’s comp insurance. In Mississippi, restaurants and all businesses with more than five employees must carry workers compensation insurance that protects employees from injuries, accidents, and illnesses related to their jobs. Your chefs, servers, dishwashers, busboys, bartenders, cashier, bookkeeper, and even your cleaning staff must have coverage if they are employeed at your restaurant.
  • Unemployment insurance. The state also requires unemployment insurance to protect workers. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to reduce their staff numbers. If your restaurant has to lay off employees, they need financial protection.
  • General restaurant insurance. We can also design a business insurance package that covers property and liability damage, as well as other liabilities specific to restaurants.
  • Commercial auto insurance. If you have delivery vehicles that fulfill your take-out food orders, commercial auto insurance can provide additional protection that’s more comprehensive than individual coverage.
  • Life insurance. If you are the sole proprietor and have a loan or mortgage for the restaurant, your lender may require a life insurance policy to cover the cost of the loan if you die unexpectedly.

Liability Coverage for Restaurants

Owning a restaurant carries specific risks. Hawsey Insurance agents have an insider’s view of commercial insurance for specific industries, including restaurants.

We often recommend the following coverage for pubs, bistros, bars, and cafes:

  • General liability insurance. Protect your premises and operations against lawsuits arising from customer injuries. If a customer falls on a wet floor, general liability insurance pays for medical bills and legal costs related to the incident.
  • Product liability insurance. If a customer gets sick after eating at your establishment, product liability insurance can protect you and your business from financial loss. No matter how careful you are, a bad batch of fish or mayo left out of the fridge too long can cause a patron to become ill. Protect your business against unintended product liability issues.
  • Liquor liability. Safeguard your Jackson, MS restaurant against an intoxicated patron that harms another person or causes property damage.

Talk to your insurance agent about property insurance that can further shield you from financial losses. Business insurance, content insurance, equipment repair insurance, food contamination, and other coverage may also help you mitigate the perils related to your specific business.

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