Restaurant Insurance in Jackson, MS

restaurant insurance JacksonWhen you run a restaurant, unexpected things happen every day. You strive to please your customers and deliver high quality food and service. However, you can’t control everything that goes on in your business. A customer can slip and fall, an employee can burn themselves on the stove, or a disgruntled customer can bring a lawsuit against you. At Hawsey Insurance, we help businesses like yours find the right mix of commercial insurance to protect your restaurant, equipment, employees, and customers.

Do You Need Restaurant Insurance?

When you first open a restaurant, there are a lot of expenses and you may look for areas to cut back. However, business insurance is one place where you should invest enough to safeguard the financial well-being of your company. If you own a tavern, bar, bistro, food truck or other business that serves food and beverages, you need restaurant insurance to cover unexpected perils. Ask your insurance agent how to cover your restaurant against:

  • Lawsuits
  • Injured customers or employees
  • Business interruption
  • Equipment damage
  • Food loss due to power outage

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Types of Restaurant Insurance to Choose From

There are many factors that go into choosing the right insurance for your restaurant. We recommend that every business purchase general liability insurance, and you are required to provide workers’ compensation for your employees. However, there are other kinds of coverage you may need for your particular location or type of restaurant. Here are the main types of restaurant insurance coverages to consider:

  • Workers’ Compensation: This insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses for someone who gets injured on the job. In Mississippi, you have to provide workers’ compensation insurance if you have more than five regular employees.
  • General Liability: Restaurant owners need general liability insurance to cover liability such as copyright infringement, customer property damage, customer injury due to foodborne illness or slips and falls, and other covered events.
  • Property & Liability: Also known as a business owner’s policy, this coverage applies to a broad range of risks. It includes everything a general liability policy covers, lost income, property damage to your business, liquor liability, and damaged equipment.
  • Umbrella Insurance: This is add-on insurance that you can use to extend the coverage of your general liability or commercial auto policy. For example, if your restaurant has several vehicles used to deliver food, you may need additional coverage in case of an accident.
  • Commercial Auto: If you use your personal vehicle for your business, your regular auto insurance may not cover your risks. Ideally, if you use vehicles to cater events, deliver meals, or for any other business purpose, you will purchase commercial auto insurance. Choose a policy that includes personal injury, property damage, legal fees, medical fees, and damage to your commercial vehicles.

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