How to Get Started in the Restaurant Business

restaurant insurance quote mississippiMany of us watch cooking shows on television and enjoy the mouth-watering dishes on display. Some chefs even make food look glamorous, while others trek across the globe to find a specific spice. Celebrity chefs make everything look easy, encouraging a generation of budding chefs to join them. For those wanting to make their mark on the palates of their patrons, it makes sense to open a restaurant. This is easier to say than to do. Many food service businesses will not survive past their first year. Success however is possible for those willing to put in the hard work. Ensure you are off to a great start by obtaining a restaurant insurance quote for your Mississippi establishment.

5 Suggestions to Make the Most of Your New Venture

Ensure your success when you employ these five suggestions for your new career path:

  1. Put in Your Dues: If you have never boiled a hot dog or have burned a pot of water, you need to gain some experience! Even if you are a good cook, there are many facets to running a commercial kitchen and a business. Find a job in the industry and get your feet wet.
  2. Dive into the Details: Dreaming of owning a world-famous restaurant and starting one are two different things. You need to know who you want to serve, what kind of menu you want to offer, and what type of service you will provide. When you’re brainstorming ideas and scouting opportunities, it’s helpful to look for gaps in food offerings in your town or city.
  3. Create a Business Plan: Many businesses fail because they don’t complete the most critical step. A business plan provides an overall map of what you are creating and the goals you hope to achieve. The best ones are detailed, listing the menu, pricing, target market, equipment, and more.
  4. Find Funding: Those that don’t have personal financial backing will need to find other means to fund your venture. You can try banks, credit unions, and even the Small Business Bureau. Your business plan will give you a great idea of what you need to get started and sustain yourself until profits come.
  5. Work with a Qualified Insurance Broker: All your hard work will be for nothing if you suffer a catastrophe and have no restaurant insurance. You will need general liability and worker’s compensation coverage at the very least. A knowledgeable brokerage will work with you to get you what you require.


Get Cooking with a Restaurant Insurance Quote from Hawsey Insurance

Step out in faith and achieve your dreams of owning a café, food truck, or another eatery type. Then, reach out to Hawsey Insurance for a restaurant insurance quote. We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you weed through the insurance jargon to get you the best coverage for your new venture. Give us a call today!

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