6 Restaurant Insurance Types for Jackson, MS Businesses

Restaurant Insurance Jackson Mississippi Restaurants offer a service like no other. They prepare delicious food so families and friends can get together to build relationships and create memories. If you have a knack for cooking, you have the first ingredient to a successful business. Another vital component is protecting your enterprise with restaurant insurance in Jackson, MS. It provides the safety net you need to cook confidently and serve your patrons.

Coverages to Discuss with Your Restaurant Insurance Broker

You can have the freshest ingredients available and incredible wait staff, but if you overlook insurance coverage, you might have a recipe for disaster. Talk with your experienced insurance agent about the benefits of these six types of policies for restaurant insurance in Jackson, Mississippi:

  1. General liability: Lawsuits happen. Typically, they result from injuries or property damage done by a business. For example, when you have a customer slip and fall on their way to the restroom, general liability helps you face these claims so that you can keep running your restaurant.
  2. Worker’s compensation: Accidents in the kitchen are common. Sometimes they are severe enough that your employee must seek medical attention. Worker’s compensation helps them cover medical bills and lost wages while safeguarding you from lawsuits by your staff.
  3. Property insurance: You may experience damage to the property at your restaurant’s location. Think about the inherent risks that come with cooking. Grease, hot ovens, open flames, smoke, and more can cause irreparable damage. It’s helpful to have a way to get back up and running as soon as possible from a fire or other covered event.
  4. Spoilage: When the power goes out, so does your ability to keep perishables cold. You run the risk of losing food to spoilage and losing out on revenue. It’s helpful to know you have coverage, especially during hurricane season.
  5. Commercial auto: Do you have a delivery service or a food truck? A standard automobile policy is insufficient for a commercial service such as a restaurant.
  6. Business income: Unfortunately, if the kitchen is closed through no fault of your own, you lose out on revenue. A financial loss because of a fire or another disaster will wreak havoc on your enterprise if you don’t have a backup plan.

Protect Your Kitchen and Your Patrons with Quality Coverage  

Talking insurance isn’t as exciting as creating new recipes, but without it, you may struggle to recover if a claim or lawsuit is brought against you. The team at Hawsey Insurance understands this and works with you to determine the best options for your food service business. We take our role seriously because we want you to succeed. Call us to discuss your unique needs today.

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