Poultry Farm Insurance - Understanding Coverage

Poultry farms encompass much more than just the eggs or animals you sell for meat. Many farms also have add-on businesses to improve awareness and generate additional lines of revenue. Ancillary businesses for poultry farmers include:

  • Petting zoos
  • Farm tours
  • Selling chicks as pets
  • Selling novelty items to promote the business and build awareness

It’s important to cover every aspect of your business equally. This includes protecting against losses due to disease, loss of electricity, product liability, and equipment failure. Where can you find poultry farm insurance that takes all the unique needs of your business into account? At Hawsey Insurance, we tailor your insurance coverage to protect your birds and safeguard your business against major risks that can decimate profits.

What Should I Look for in Poultry Farm Insurance?

Besides the typical types of insurance that every business needs—workers’ compensation, property, general liability, and similar products—poultry farm insurance should protect you from specific risks inherent in your industry. Make sure your poultry farm insurance reimburses you for the following losses:

  • Poultry farm liabilities. This coverage reimburses you for losses related to covered hazards, including poultry, eggs, and poultry products. Be sure to ask whether the policy includes losses associated with illness, accidents, and disease.
  • Hen houses, coops, and other structures. Building homes for your chickens, turkeys, geese, and other birds costs a lot of money. Make sure that your poultry farm insurance covers damage to livestock buildings and storage facilities.
  • Supplies, feed, and tools. A fire, flood, or other incidences can damage or destroy months’ worth of feed for your birds. Choose a policy that covers expensive tools such as automatic water systems, farm products, tools, and other supplies.
  • Farm equipment. Neither business nor home insurance typically covers farm equipment. Let our agricultural insurance agents help you find a policy that covers tractors, mobile coops, forklifts, and other essential equipment you need to ensure your animals stay healthy so your business keeps running.

How Much Poultry Farm Insurance Do You Need?

At Hawsey Insurance, we can help you calculate how much coverage you need to pay for repairs or replacement of supplies, equipment, animals, and buildings on your poultry farm. Be sure to factor in your deductible since that comes out of your pocket before your insurance policy kicks in. Add 10% to your calculation and look for a policy that covers that amount. We can also help you research umbrella insurance coverage for losses that exceed the maximum on your regular poultry farm insurance policy.

Are you ready to take advantage of a free review of your existing poultry farm insurance? Book an appointment with one of our experienced agents to discuss comprehensive coverage for your farm in Mississippi or the surrounding states.