Poultry Farm Insurance In Mississippi

Whether you own your own birds or belong to a poultry integration alliance, you need reliable insurance to protect your animals, facilities, and assets. If equipment breaks down or you need to replace the roof on your service buildings due to harsh weather, selecting the right insurance carrier and coverage can minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

When you contact a Hawsey Insurance agent, we start by reviewing your current policy or drafting up a new policy that mirrors basic coverage in the poultry production industry.

We might recommend that you cover the following assets:

  • Farmhouse and personal belongings
  • General liability protection
  • Personal property
  • Detached buildings
  • Farm or ranch structures
  • Machinery and equipment (such as ventilation systems)
  • Poultry house breakdown

Special Considerations for Poultry Farm Insurance

When you sit down with your agent, we’ll go over your operation and specific insurance needs. Here are example questions to help you prepare for our meeting:

  • How can I get coverage for generator failure?
  • What if a tornado or other storm hits the poultry facility (or integrator facility) and my birds die?
  • What if my flock catches Avian Flu or other diseases?
  • What if the integrator facility birds catch Avian Flu or LT and I am unable to move the birds?
  • What if I cannot reach my birds due to evacuation or a weather event and they perish?

This information helps us give you an accurate quote and cover your top concerns. You can also enter your information and request a quote online.

Types of Coverage to Consider:

Poultry Farm Insurance

  • Business General Liability
  • Business Interruption Insurance (Disruption of Farming Operations)
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • Roof Collapse Insurance
  • Replacement Cost Insurance (Houses, Equipment, and Sheds)

Availability of Insurance and Inspections

Due to a recent tightening in the market, some carriers don’t accept new clients. The Hawsey Insurance team will help you identify an insurance provider that adequately covers your operations. Some insurance companies require an inspection as a condition of insurability.

We understand that this can disrupt your operations, but it’s very important to show that you run a safe operation and strive to minimize risks to your property and animals.

Hawsey Insurance can connect you with the right poultry farm insurance for your farmhouse, poultry, and equipment. Call 601-856-7707 to speak with one of our team members. We have offices in Madison, Jackson and Southaven, MS, for your convenience.