Make the Time to Review Your Poultry Farm Insurance in Alabama

With 1.4 broiler billion chicks hatched in Alabama every year, there’s a lot of poultry to protect in the Heart of Dixie. If you own a poultry farm, you already have plenty on your plate to deal with. Depending on how hands-on you are, your typical day might include distributing feed, cleaning enclosures, checking the ventilation system, and removing sick or dead birds from the enclosure.

If you’re a small operation, chances are you wear many hats from dealing with buyers to managing the staff to taking on a good portion of the work yourself. With all that, we have to ask, when was the last time you looked at your poultry farm insurance in Alabama?

At Hawsey Insurance, we’re looking to help you, not pile more onto your workload. So, why not come in for a free review of your existing poultry farm insurance in Alabama? If we notice gaps in coverage, we can help you design the ideal insurance for your business.

What Should You Ask About Poultry Farm Insurance in Alabama?

You may wonder what you should ask your agent when you sit down to review your existing policy. We recommend discussing the following coverage areas for your business:

  • Will the policy cover roof damage caused by ice and snow?
  • Will you receive reimbursement if a windstorm or tornado damages several structures?
  • Does the poultry insurance you’re considering pay equipment damage due to vandalism or severe weather?
  • What happens if you suffer loss of business income due to an avian epidemic, plummeting market prices, or other unforeseen catastrophes?
  • Does your policy have replacement coverage for critical equipment and buildings on your farm?
  • Can your agent outline examples of when your insurance will activate?
  • What if the fire destroys your animals and buildings?


No doubt you’ll have plenty of other questions specific to your operation. That’s okay, because we want you to fully understand your coverage, in case you have to file a claim.

Customized Poultry Farm Insurance

From theft coverage to workers compensation to liability insurance, we can customize your poultry farm insurance in Alabama. Request a free quote today!

Hawsey Insurance handles insurance for some of the area’s burgeoning poultry businesses. So if you have farms in multiple states, we can help you review all your policies to ensure you get the best deal available.

Contact us online to discuss your needs for poultry farm insurance in Alabama. We have offices in Jackson, Madison, and Southaven, MS, if you prefer to meet in person.