How Can You Get the Best Rates on Logging Truck Insurance?

logging truck insuranceLog truck insurance takes into account certain risk factors specific to the industry. Some rigs carry up to 80,000 pounds of heavy logs over long distances. The extra weight can leave your semi-truck prone to tipping. Accidents involving log trucks can also take a higher toll in terms of injuries and damage to other vehicles.

Fortunately, there are also factors that can help lower your premiums. At Hawsey Insurance, our agents who specialize in logging truck insurance do everything in their power to match independent drivers or commercial trucking companies with competitive rates.

Factors Influencing Logging Truck Insurance Rates

While each log truck company may have slightly different needs based on their service areas and customer profiles, there are a few other factors that affect the insurance rates.

  • Hauler’s experience, 3+ years of CDL experience may lower your rates
  • Written safety policies
  • Compliance with OSHA guidelines
  • Type of hauling (pulpwood, finished lumber, raw logs)
  • Age and value of your semi-truck
  • Number of years in business
  • Safety record of driver(s)

Four Tips to Lower Your Log Truck Insurance Premium

The following best practices may help drive your insurance costs down. Here are four tips to make the right impression on actuaries that set log truck insurance premiums:

  • Hire experienced drivers: If you run a commercial logging company, you know how difficult it is to find experienced help. However, when you wait to find an employee with years of experience, they can act as an asset to your company and may even help lower your insurance premiums. Look for drivers with the following attributes:

    • CDL license holders for 3+ years
    • Clean driving record
    • Meticulous work ethic, including checking the load and truck several times during a haul
    • Several years of experience hauling logs or other hefty payloads
  • Know what your business needs: A Hawsey Insurance agent can help you determine the types of coverage to include with your log truck insurance, including:

    • Commercial vehicle coverage
    • General liability
    • Property insurance
    • Worker’s compensation
    • Business interruption

    Determining your needs is the first step in finding the right commercial truck insurance coverage for you. Request a quote today!

  • Choose a reliable product: Don’t go for the most cost-effective insurance without considering the coverage available under different insurance providers. Go for the best insurance at the right price.
  • Customized coverage: Work with a knowledgeable agent who takes the time to educate you on all your options. Let us help you bridge any gaps left in your current coverage and tailor log truck insurance options to meet your needs.

Book an appointment at Hawsey Insurance to discuss what you’re looking for in a logging truck insurance policy. We serve clients in Mississippi and the surrounding states.