Log Truck Insurance 101

Log Truck InsuranceDriving a log truck takes a special skillset. You navigate winding dirt roads, secure tons of logs in place, and operate under tight delivery schedules. At Hawsey Insurance, we make it easy to navigate the ins and outs of log truck insurance. Many factors come into play, including your hauling region, claims history, driving history, and the age and value of your truck.

Our team of commercial insurance agents can help you find affordable logging truck insurance and give you premium-reducing strategies, such as putting a safety program in place. Whether you primarily drive on rough forest roads or smooth highways, we can help you get the coverage you need to protect your rig and your business.

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Logging Truck Insurance You May Need

We understand that every rig is different. Whether you have one log truck or a fleet of rigs to cover, you can count on Hawsey Insurance to present a variety of policies for your consideration. For example, a tractor-trailer with a flatbed has different coverage needs than a truck with a different setup. However, we can find the right policy to protect your business on and off the road.

Whether you rent or own your truck, you need reliable coverage for your rig and equipment. This includes typical vehicle insurance coverage, plus additional considerations.

Common log truck insurance coverage includes:

  • Log truck liability. This essential coverage reimburses you for damage or bodily injury to third parties as a result of a log truck accident.
  • Physical damage coverage. This covers damage to your truck due to covered risk such as glass breakage, theft, fire, or vandalism.
  • Motor truck cargo insurance. Losing a single cargo can set you back thousands or 10s of thousands of dollars. Motor truck cargo insurance protects you against loss or damage due to fire or other covered events.
  • Non-trucking liability. Do you use your truck for personal use? If so, you may need non-trucking liability coverage.

Purchase log truck insurance to protect your truck, flatbed or trailer, as well as equipment such as covers and tarps, personal belongings left in the rig, and expensive cargo. We can also help you find coverage that includes roadside assistance, a replacement vehicle, and other considerations in case of an accident in your logging truck.

Contact Hawsey Insurance when you need comprehensive logging truck insurance that also protects your cargo and equipment. If you have any questions regarding your specific needs, we can help you tailor coverage to your rig. Call us at 601-856-7707 for log truck insurance throughout Mississippi and surrounding states.