Convenience Store Insurance in Mississippi - FAQs

Convenience Store Insurance MississippiConvenience store insurance in Mississippi covers your retail store and unique features such as the gas tank and pumps. It’s important to customize your insurance to maximize coverage for your growing business. When you have the right mix of general liability, workers compensation, underground tank insurance, and business interruption insurance, you can concentrate on the day-to-day needs of your customers and employees.

At Hawsey Insurance, we like to ensure customers understand the products they purchase, so we put together these FAQs for your review. Feel free to request a quote regarding the needs of your business.

Who Can Use Convenience Store Coverage?

Many people think only of 24-hour gas stations when convenience stores come up in conversation. However, there are several types of businesses that qualify for convenience store insurance in Mississippi, including the following:

  • Shops offering fast food services
  • Gas stations
  • Car washes
  • Liquor stores
  • Small grocery stores

When Do You Need Convenience Store Insurance?

Here are examples of three possible scenarios that would probably trigger your convenience store insurance if they happened in your shop:

  • A customer walks in after your employee mops the floor. The customer slips on the wet floor and can’t get back up, so you call an ambulance. General liability insurance typically covers the cost of injuries and legal representation after a slip-and-fall such as this one.
  • A supplier knocks over an entire shelf of inventory and hurts their leg. General liability insurance can help cover the vendor’s medical bills related to the injury.
  • A customer comes in with an advertised special but you’re out of stock. The customer decides to sue you for false advertising. General liability insurance can help pay for the legal cost and settlement for this claim.

What is Underground Tank Insurance?

Do you sell gas? If so, you’re responsible for any environmental damage directly or indirectly caused by your underground tank. This insurance protects you against financial loss if your tank has a leak or a natural disaster turns the tank into a danger to the environment.

What Affects the Cost of Convenience Store Insurance?

Factors that influence the price of your convenience store policy include the following:

  • Location
  • Per-occurrence limit
  • Number of employees
  • General aggregate limit
  • Deductible


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