Convenience Store Insurance Protects Your Inventory, Equipment, and Business

Whether you operate a gas station, liquor store, or standalone convenience store, you need insurance designed to specifically protect your interests. You stay open around-the clock for people who need daily essentials. However, while you’re selling gas, snacks, and sodas, who’s looking out for your business in case of an unforeseen event? Convenience stores have special needs when it comes to commercial insurance. You can talk to a representative at Hawsey Insurance to build a policy that properly protects your employees, customers, and assets. Our services include:

  • Evaluation of your current policy
  • Provision of convenience store insurance
  • Recommendations for coverage tailored to your business
  • Client education regarding commercial insurance options

We offer personal insurance coverage too!

Choose Comprehensive Convenience Store Insurance in MS

convenience store insuranceMany convenience stores also sell gasoline and operate service stations. Some convenience stores also sell alcohol. Our agents work with you to identify possible risk and ensure that your policy covers your vulnerabilities. Here are major coverage types that we recommend for your convenience store insurance policy:

  • Business Insurance: Whether you sell gas or alcohol, or other lower risk products, you need business insurance to protect you from natural disasters and other covered events.
  • Underground Tank Insurance: If you sell gas, you are responsible for cleanup in case of environmental damage. This insurance can save you from significant financial loss in the event of an unforeseeable leak, spill, or natural disaster causing environmental damage.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: We can help you review Mississippi State laws regarding workers compensation insurance. This protects employees if they get sick or are injured on the job. Mississippi businesses with more than five employees must have workers’ compensation.

Other Coverage You’ll Need to Consider:

If you lease your space or have contracts with fuel carriers and other vendors, you may need to carry certain types of insurance. We are happy to review your current policy to ensure that it matches all your insurance needs. Other types of commercial policies can enhance your coverage and protect you and your business. These includes the following:

  • Business Insurance Covering the Building: This coverage includes property damage and business income protection. It may include other provisions depending on how the policy is written. Consider whether you need coverage for theft and crimes, signs, pumps, canopies, ATM machines, and windstorm damage.
  • General Liability: Ensure that your general liability coverage includes events that occur on premises, liquor liability, personal and advertising injury, medical payments, and gas ratings.
  • Additional liability options: Workmen’s compensation, liquor liability, and other policies have a maximum coverage amount. You can boost your coverage by purchasing an umbrella policy for your business or commercial auto policy.

Get a free quote on various scenarios so that you can choose the coverage that best suits your business. Hawsey Insurance offers convenience store insurance designed to cover risks your business faces. Call 601-856-7707 or contact us online to speak with a knowledgeable personal and commercial business agent in Madison, Jackson, and Southaven, MS. Feel free to browse through our blog for more information about insurance for your home or business.