Tips to Reduce Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims

Businesses have many responsibilities happening at the same time. There are estimates to write up, new sales to make, supplies to order, and employees to manage. These are all steps that must happen before your customer pays their invoice. If any of the balls drop in the process, frustration ensues. Adding an injured or sick employee makes things even more challenging as you face a staff shortage and a workers’ compensation insurance claim in Jackson, MS.

The threat of injuries and downtime is a headache for all involved. Employees don’t want to be out of work due to an accident, and companies want to remain productive for their customers. You can reduce injuries and claims filed on your company’s policy by using a few proven techniques.

4 Action Steps to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

Taking action to reduce workplace injuries makes you a desirable employer. It shows candidates and employees alike that you care. It also saves you time and money. Use these four tips to reduce workers’ compensation insurance claims in your company:

  1. Be proactive with safety measures: The sports world claims that the best defense is a good offense. You take this to heart for your business and employees with a written safety plan in place. This ‘playbook’ should cover proper ways to function safely in the workplace and include disciplinary action for breaking protocol and the reward system for following them. Also, it would be best if you had your management team to be onboard to ensure the safety plan is followed. Finally, regular training and a cohesive implementation of the protocols help you have fewer injury claims.
  2. Take immediate action on claims: A safety plan is effective, but you will always have some claims to handle. When an accident happens, complete an accident report with as much detail as feasible. If possible, take photographs, talk to any witnesses, and have your employee complete a drug test. Next, send the preliminary report to your insurance company within 24 hours. Remember that time is of the essence.
  3. Report suspicions of fraud: Some people are simply not honest. They thrive on trying to beat the system. If you suspect fraudulent activity, let your insurance company know immediately so that they can investigate. It will make a difference in whether a worker’s compensation claim should be paid out or not.
  4. Annually review your existing policy: Just like all your business insurance coverage, workers’ compensation policies should be regularly reviewed. Doing this annually is ideal. This review includes looking for accuracy in coverage and seeing if you have any repeat offenders. Get assistance from your preferred insurance broker to better assess your situation.

Protect Your Employees and Your Company with Workers’ Compensation Insurance  

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