5 Ways to Lower Your Workers Compensation Insurance Claims

Workers Compensation Insurance Jackson MSBusinesses depend on employees to keep things running smoothly and service customers. The employee and the company suffer when someone gets injured or becomes ill on the job. A solid workers’ compensation insurance package for your Jackson, MS company, protects your employee and you. Yet, no one wants to get injured, so how do you lower your risk of injuries and insurance claims? Start by working with your dependable insurance broker. They can provide tips and suggestions to keep things safer in your business.

How Your Company Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

After you ensure you have the required amount of coverage for your employees, it is time for some concrete action steps:

  1. Assess the risks in your company: The first thing you need to determine are the risk factors for your business. You may want to hire an outside consultant to review your facility, equipment, and processes. Their assessment will reveal potential dangers. From this investment, create a written safety plan that covers policies and procedures for safe conduct and reporting incidents. Once in place, keep the program up-to-date by reviewing it and amending it as needed.
  2. Create a culture of safety first: These well-laid plans works wonderfully when you create a safety-first culture. This culture facilitates collaboration between management and employees via a formal workplace safety program. It requires sharing your written safety control program with all new hires and using posters, notifications, and meetings to reinforce the goals. Another encouragement to your team can be completed through rewards for good safety records.
  3. Train employees: The key to success lies with regular training. This includes training new hires and conducting refresher sessions. You might think of it as training early and often, to remind everyone of the focus on safety. It’s critical to continually evaluate and review things, especially after an accident, so that procedures can be updated and new preventative measures implemented.
  4. Build a return-to-work program: When an employee does get injured, a return-to-work program encourages your team member to get healthy and back on their feet. It proactively helps your injured employee get back to work, even in a modified capacity, including part-time or light-duty conditions. It enables you to maintain ties and avoid alienation.
  5. Be aware of fraud: Inform your insurance company immediately if you suspect fraud. Some people will fake an injury not to have to work. It doesn’t look good for your company and can cause increased premiums because of too many claims.

Protect Your Team and Save with Workers Compensation Insurance in Jackson, MS

Protecting your employees begins with working with a quality workers’ compensation insurance company in Jackson, MS. The Hawsey Group helps business owners of different sizes obtain the coverage they need. We will sit with you and discuss your company’s needs, look for any gaps in protection, and give you options. We’re happy to answer all your questions when you contact us today!

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