Ready for the Holidays? Protect Your Shop with Retail Insurance in Mississippi

As the calendar changes from September to October, folks start thinking about pumpkin lattes and decorating for the upcoming holidays. You may have considered this as early as July as a retail store owner. Admit it! You have been humming Jingle Bells when no one was around. The holiday season is a competitive time of year, and it makes sense that you have been pondering how to prepare for shoppers. Not only do you need to think about decorating, getting extra help, and having plenty of stock on hand, but you also need to protect your enterprise. A Mississippi retail insurance policy from a dependable broker is the best place to start.

9 Suggestions on Preparing for Holiday Shoppers

Before you pipe in the Christmas tunes or hang a string of orange lights, use these suggestions to create an inviting ambiance and keep business owner stress to a minimum:

  1. Hire additional help now. The earlier you can hire, say in September, the more time you have to ensure you have the right support to get you through the season. It also gives you plenty of time for training.
  1. Train everyone as soon as possible. Seasonal help needs to be fully trained, even though they are only sticking around for a few months. You and your customers will benefit from this seemingly dispensable, but important step.
  2. Establish holiday store hours. This is the time to determine how long you need to remain open. You may want to extend your hours to grab all the additional sales you can.
  3. Schedule your staff to handle the busiest times. Retail is all about traffic. You don’t want five employees standing around when it is slow. Instead, keep on top of the time when the traffic is heaviest and plan accordingly.
  4. Get active on social media. Make good use of social media and post sales and promotions regularly. Set a social media calendar and be consistent with posting.
  5. Order merchandise early. The sooner you order, the better your chance of receiving it in time for the holidays.
  6. Clean out your stock room. You will need space for the additional stock you bring in. Now is an excellent time to clear the backroom for holiday wares.
  7. Decorate your store. You and your staff can have fun with hanging lights and getting creative. Look at ways to promote additional holidays, such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day.
  8. Check with your retail insurance broker in Mississippi. With the additional foot traffic, you will want to know you have coverage for any accidents. It makes sense to do this before the holiday frenzy begins.

Protect Your Shop with Retail Insurance in Mississippi

Sing holiday songs to your heart’s content after talking with the team at Hawsey Insurance. We have served the state of Mississippi for years with quality policies fit for your retail store. We have many options to give you the best coverage, including general liability, property coverage, umbrella coverage, and even cybersecurity insurance. We will even review your current policies and help you get what you need. Don’t have coverage yet? We can help you get started when you contact us today.

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