3 Common Areas of Mold Remediation You Can Offer Your Customers

restoration contractor insuranceThe weather is in constant flux across the world. It’s not possible to go through a day and not hear of some catastrophe happening. When floods, torrential rains, leaky pipes, or damaged roofs let water invade a building, customers turn to restoration contractors for help. Water damage encourages a breeding ground for mold. Poor ventilation also allows allergens and irritants to affect sensitive people, making them ill. There are plenty of opportunities to serve your clients in the water remediation world.

As a restoration contractor, you offer a valuable service in which you remove as much of the mold as possible. You support your customers, but who supports you? One area you need help in is your restoration contractor insurance.

Ways to Serve Your Customers with Remediation and Restoration

As you consider offering your customers more services, remember that all types of floods and fires cause water damage, which leads to mold growth. Mold spores hurt people’s health. If you are thinking of expanding your service, consider these areas:

  1. Remediate Mold: With your specialized training and equipment, you meticulously and thoroughly clean recently damaged buildings. It’s vital that you get everything cleaned up to prevent mold from coming back. Air filtration, removing mold-infested materials, and cleaning belongings are part of this service.
  2. Fire Restoration: A firefighter’s job is to put out the flames of a burning building, not to consider the water damage left behind. When the last spark is extinguished, mold can begin to grow. Another consequence of fire is the smoke smell that permeates people’s belongings. You help families regain their lives by stopping potential mold spores from growing and removing the smoke smell from their things. This is a fabulous service to aid families after they’ve lost their homes.
  3. Water Damage Restoration: Hurricanes, storms, and flooding cause significant damage to homes and commercial buildings. Mold quickly takes up residence in water-soaked drywall. Water infiltrates structures through sewage back-ups, leaking appliances, and an overflowed tub. Customers look to you to remove all traces of moisture and mold after these incidents.

Restoration Contractor Insurance Policies that Serve You

As a wise business owner, you know that you need someone to protect you as you go about your job. Talk with your preferred restoration contractor insurance broker about:

  • General Liability: Protection you need against claims of damage or injury from third parties.
  • Worker’s Compensation: Helps your employees if they get injured or become ill on the job.
  • Commercial Property: Coverage that steps in if you experience fire, theft, vandalism, or other covered events.


Support You Need, from a Broker that Cares – Hawsey Insurance  

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