Poultry Farm Insurance in Mississippi

Hawsey Insurance has helped poultry farmers insure their operations for many years, and we can help you minimize the risks associated with the livestock and agricultural industry. Protect your livestock, facilities, and income with the right insurance package for your business. Besides the typical commercial insurance recommended for every business, you may benefit from liability coverage for animal cruelty and pollution. You can even cover expensive equipment such as your ventilation and processing equipment.

Get an Insurance Plan that’s for the Birds!

Poultry farmers have turned to Hawsey Insurance for coverage of their animals, facilities, and employees since 1999. Our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry gives our clients a unique advantage. We will always make the best recommendations to help you achieve the coverage you need — so you can concentrate on your business.

You’ve worked hard to buy the right equipment to run your farm. Property protection covers your facilities such as laying houses, egg gathering facilities, poultry growing facilities, and utility buildings. However, you may need additional coverage such as equipment breakdown coverage to pay for expensive repairs. Sometimes, things happen to disrupt your business through no fault of your own. Business interruption insurance can protect you against covered perils.

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Animal Cruelty and Pollution Liability Coverage

No matter how much you try to protect your animals, running a poultry farm exposes you to numerous liabilities. Even if you treat your animals well, it only takes one observer to make an unwarranted claim for you to face animal cruelty charges. Pollution liability insurance covers pollution problems resulting from farm operations.

Other Types of Commercial Insurance to Consider

Do you want the best coverage for your buildings, machinery, and equipment? Besides the coverage types already discussed, poultry farmers can get insurance to help them protect their employees, customers, and business. Let us customize your commercial insurance to meet the needs of your operation.

Types of Coverage to Consider:

  • Business General Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • Roof Collapse Insurance
  • Replacement Cost Insurance (Houses, Equipment, and Sheds)
  • Umbrella Coverage

Partner with Hawsey Insurance for the Best Poultry Farm Insurance

We have three convenient locations to better serve customers in Madison, Jackson, and Southaven, MS. Our licensed insurance agents have worked in the industry for many years, so bring in your current policy for a thorough review to start the process.

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