How to Choose an Insurance Broker for Your Jackson, MS Business or Home

Today’s insurance landscape looks much different than twenty, thirty, or forty years ago. Historically, you would look to an expert to help you purchase policies based on your unique needs. With the advent of the Internet, purchasing homeowner’s coverage became as simple as pointing a mouse at the package you wanted and clicking a button. It was easy and convenient, and companies had compelling television advertisements to entice you to leave your trusted insurance broker for a ‘better’ way.

Using the Internet to educate yourself on different policy types is good. Many people are rediscovering a better option by speaking with an experienced broker about their specific needs. If you are in the market for a knowledgeable person to come alongside and aid you in finding quality coverage, consider heading down to meet your reliable Jackson, MS, insurance broker in person. They have what you need to gain peace of mind.

Tips for Choosing an Insurance Broker You Can Depend On

Buying insurance can be done in a variety of ways. However, there are times when using a broker simply makes more sense. For example, if you have multiple cars or homes, have a business, or want someone else to shop around for the best prices, a broker can help. Find the best insurance professional for your needs with these tips: 

  1. Ask for personal recommendations from friends: One of the best places to start is within your immediate circle. Friends, family, and co-workers may have suggestions to guide you.
  2. Look on the Internet for reviews. Yes, you can still use the Internet. Use it to look up reviews of different agencies. Remember that this is a starting point. A face-to-face talk will garner more information than the world wide web.
  3. Check out Mississippi’s Insurance Department. Go to the source that tracks insurance companies, agents, and insurance brokers in Jackson, MS, doing business throughout the state. You can research licenses and any potential complaints.
  4. Use your instincts and ask questions: It’s possible to get scammed by people posing as agents. Once you have a shortlist of brokers to call upon, create a list of questions to ask them, for example:
    • How long have you been in business?
    • How many companies do you represent?
    • What types of policies can you help me obtain?
    • Can you provide a customized plan to fit my needs?
    • How are your fees paid?
    • How can you assist me if I must file a claim?

Find a Reliable Insurance Broker in Jackson, MS  

Don’t leave any stone unturned when seeking the services of a reliable insurance broker in Jackson, MS. The professionals at Hawsey Insurance have the experience you desire to ensure the coverage you require for your needs. Our team gets to know you and your unique situation. We use this information to tailor a package that will protect your home or business at reasonable rates, giving you peace of mind. Let’s discuss how we can work together when you contact us today!

Call Hawsey Insurance at 601-856-7707 for a free quote on home and business insurance in Jackson, Mississippi. Feel free to contact us online or make an appointment to stop by our Madison, Jackson, and Southaven, MS offices.