Become a Preferred Contractor in Mississippi & Buy General Liability Insurance

Competition is fierce in some industries. Companies want to get their slice of the pie and make money. However, some enterprises last longer than others because they understand the needs of their customers, and that encourages repeat business.

For contractors, having excellent skills in your field is only the beginning. You have to know how to find clients and write up bids that get accepted without undercutting your revenue. While we’d all love to have customers beating down our doors, today’s savvy consumer is different. They expect more and they need to know they can trust you. It may seem overwhelming for you at times, but one area of your business doesn’t have to be. Utilize the services of a quality general liability insurance provider in Mississippi while you focus on running your business.

4 Suggestions to Increase Your Client Roster

Marketing and increasing sales are more than making phone calls and offering a sales pitch. Today’s marketing efforts are holistic. Check out these four suggestions to build a well-rounded image:

  1. Create and Curate Your Online Image: When people need a landscaper, arborist, plumber, or other skilled trade, the first place they tend to run to is the Internet. Not only should you have a well-planned website showcasing your work, but it should also have an About page that lets prospective customers get to know you and any associations or volunteer work you do. State clearly that your organization carries general liability insurance—customers want to know this! Remember that testimonials work wonders to help a new customer feel comfortable about you. Finally, look for ways to graciously respond to any negative feedback as found on review sites.
  2. Use Social Media as an Interactive Tool: As you work on projects, take `before and after’ photos. Offer helpful suggestions that empower those listening to you. Showcase them on your social media feeds and invite people to follow you and ask questions. You can even try Q&A live feeds to demonstrate your knowledge and experience.
  3. Make Customer Relations a High Priority: You may be the best in the business, but the word will spread if you interrupt customers or poorly interact with people. Remember that your clients don’t excel at your craft, so they may have more difficulty describing what they want. It’s up to you to encourage them to share their vision and ask additional questions for clarification. Taking this time to deepen the working relationship will pay off in spades.
  4. Volunteer for Your Community: Determine how you can give back to your community. Sponsor a cleanup day at the city park or school playground. Offer free yard cleanup or reduced rate work for the elderly. You may even adopt a highway and keep it clean of debris. Showing you care about the community encourages prospective customers to trust you.

Protect Your Mississippi Business with General Liability Insurance  

Grow your business by polishing your image and working with Hawsey Insurance for the correct type of contractor insurance. Our brokers will sit with you, discuss your needs, and offer options that will give you full coverage for a reasonable price. We can help you with general liability, property, commercial auto, and specialized contractor coverage. Focus on business growth with peace of mind when you contact us today.

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