General Liability Insurance In Mississippi

It’s the last thing that any business owner wants to see. A customer falls on the wet floor at your business and you rush to their aid. Unfortunately, the customer decides to sue you for bodily injury and damages. Perhaps you mention a competitor in a disparaging way during an interview for the local radio station. The other business owner files a reputational damage suit against your business. What now?

Both of these scenarios could end in payouts that far exceed the reserve fund of your business. Fortunately, if you have general liability insurance in Mississippi, you can work with your Hawsey Insurance agent to ensure that your business has the necessary coverage to help pay for these and other scenarios involving liability claims.

Businesses purchase general liability insurance to cover claims for property damage and bodily injuries experienced by a third party. If you have general liability insurance for your small to large business, it may cover attorney fees and medical expenses for covered events, depending on the policy you have.

What Does General Liability Cover?

General liability insurance in Mississippi may pay for claims involving property damage and bodily injuries resulting from covered events. Businesses often use general liability to protect themselves against the following:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Reputational harm
  • Copyright infringement
  • Advertising injury

Examples of GL Coverage

General liability may cover damages to your rented commercial property. Depending on how your insurance company writes your policy, it may also cover damages caused by your products or services.

Bodily injuries and property damage caused by the actions of your employees may include slip and falls and property damage while you’re performing business services at their home or business.

If you inadvertently use someone else’s logo or copy business ads, general liability insurance may cover your copyright infringement lawsuit. This extends to reputational harm and similar claims against your business.

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Do Companies Need General Liability Insurance?

All companies can benefit from some form of general liability insurance in Mississippi. If you rent property or pay a mortgage on your business, your lender may also require proof of general liability insurance to continue your lease or loan.

General Liability vs. Property Insurance

As discussed, GL insurance protects you against third party claims involving property damage or bodily injury. This differs from commercial property insurance, which covers the physical location of your business.

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