What Farm Insurance in Mississippi Covers

Farm Insurance MississippiThere are more than 11 million acres of arable land in Mississippi. If you own a farm or ranch, you probably put in long hours to feed people across the country. Therefore, the last thing on your mind might be whether you need farm insurance. However, if you don’t have the right coverage, it could have severe consequences for your land, family, crops, or animals. 

Here are the basics of what your insurance will cover:

  • Home, garage, and contents
  • Farm personal property
  • Structures, such as silos or barns
  • Liability protection


At Hawsey Insurance, we can walk you through the basics of what’s on your current insurance versus what’s recommended for farm insurance in Mississippi.

Details About Farm Insurance Coverage

Hawsey Insurance provides farm insurance in Mississippi and the surrounding states. Personal property covered under farm insurance has an expanded definition that includes assets vital to the business. That can be broken down into three main coverage types:

  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Livestock
  • Farm products such as seed, animal feed, fertilizers, silage, and pesticides


Which of these items apply to your farm? Work with your Hawsey Insurance agent to ensure that your policy doesn’t skip any major assets.

Farm Machinery and Equipment

Farm machinery and equipment coverage protect you from financial loss if your equipment becomes damaged due to a covered event. You can include several assets under this policy, including tractors, planters, combines, field equipment, and other machinery. Additionally, your insurer may cover fences, portable structures, and irrigation equipment.


Farm insurance in Mississippi typically covers a broad range of livestock. Check the fine print in your policy so that you know what conditions it covers. Some extended policies cover animal death, such as a cow or horse struck by a car. Does your insurance cover livestock damage due to attacks by wild animals? What about earthquakes and floods? It’s important to ask detailed questions so that you can choose the right coverage for your farm.

If you raise horses for breeding, competing, or work, you make a special investment to choose just the right animal. An insurance adjuster might want to know what you use your horses for in order to create an accurate quote.

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Farm Products

This insurance usually covers food and seed. However, it does not include crops already growing on the property. You might need additional insurance to cover products that you sell.

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