How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Daycare Business

Day Care Insurance MississippiDaycare providers are the unsung heroes of families. Their love for children by providing a safe and secure place for little ones to grow and learn is unmatched. A quality caregiver is a huge relief for parents. They can head to work knowing their kids are in good hands. In addition to providing playtime, meals, and social engagement, this industry is also a business that needs to sustain itself. Outside of having proper daycare insurance for your Mississippi establishment, you need an avenue to encourage new families to use your service. Social media is an effective means that doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money.

4 Tips for Utilizing Social Media in Your Daycare Business

Every business wants to grow, and daycares are no exception. You have a safe facility for parents to bring their kids while they work. Being found online ahead of other daycare providers in the area may be challenging if you don’t have a social media presence. Before start a new social media page, use these tips to make the best of your efforts:

  1. Choose One Platform to Start With: With all the different social media platforms available, you don’t need to be on each one. A better strategy is to pick one and spend time developing your skills. You can add more at a later time. For example, Facebook is still popular, and finding someone without a Facebook account is uncommon. As the eldest of the family of social media platforms, it may be the best choice to start.
  2. Create a Content Calendar: Once you pick a platform, it’s time to create a content calendar. The goal is to determine how often you will post and what kinds of information you want to share. Look for ways to encourage conversation, create community, and foster connection. You don’t have to post daily but posting regularly is beneficial.
  3. Get Your Staff Involved: Enlist ideas and help from staff. For example, one teacher may have craft ideas that can be completed as a short video and posted to your page. Gaining additional perspectives can give you loads of ideas to pull from.
  4. Stay within Your Social Media Policy: You must have a clearly documented social media policy. Be sure to share your policy with the parents. Many parents are protective of their children and their exposure on social media. You do not want to post a photo of a child without their parent’s permission.

Protect Your Business while Growing Your Presence  

Using social media to increase your business makes sense. So does having the proper coverage for those unexpected events. When you talk to the staff at Hawsey Insurance, you get someone who takes your enterprise as seriously as you do. We offer daycare insurance for your Mississippi business that fits your needs. Let’s discuss your center and how we can ensure you have the best policies to give you peace of mind.

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