5 Common Risks Home Daycares Face

As a daycare provider, you help many families to be able to work and support themselves. You also give them peace of mind by ensuring their children are safe. Kids are curious, and accidents can happen. It’s your responsibility to make your home daycare as safe as possible. There are many different risks you face. Having the right type and amount of daycare insurance coverage for your Mississippi home care center is crucial to your success. Don’t let a lack of daycare insurance protection keep you from providing your valuable service.

Areas Where Your Daycare Faces the Most Risk

Take a quick look around your home, and you may find many places children can access and potentially get hurt. Here are five areas you can address today to mitigate risk to your daycare kids:

  1. Toys: No daycare is complete without toys but they can be a potential hazard. Protect the children in your charge by regularly inspecting toys. If you find broken or damaged pieces, get rid of them immediately. You don’t need choking hazards in the toy boxes. Stay alert to any toy recalls. Be sure all toys can be stored appropriately and are age-appropriate for the children in your care.
  2. Furniture: Avoid using furniture that has pointed or sharp corners. It’s also a good idea to securely affix heavy furniture to walls to prevent injury from tipping. Finally, consider mounting any televisions on the walls and out of reach of little hands.
  3. Restricted Areas: Some areas of your home should be off-limits. Gates provide ways to prevent little ones from entering places they shouldn’t, especially the kitchen. Keep cleaning supplies and other toxic substances locked up tight and out of reach of little hands.
  4. Windows and Doors: Look at your sliding glass door. Can a child open it all the way and potentially escape from your care? One way to prevent this is to ensure it can extend no more than 3.5 inches. This applies to windows as well. You don’t want a child’s head to get stuck. If you have blinds, you will want to ensure the cords are out of the way or replace them with cordless blinds. Help prevent pinched fingers by installing pinch prevention hardware on your doors.
  5. Electrical Outlets: Make sure little fingers are kept safe from electric shock by covering all unused outlets with tamper-resistant covers. Keep cords out of the way as best you can so little ones can’t pull the cords out of the walls.

Protection for You and Your Daycare Begins with the Right Insurance

Keep providing kids a safe place to grow while their parents fulfil their career responsibilities. Depend on the brokers at Hawsey Insurance for the suitable types of policies to protect your business. We offer general, professional, and corporal punishment liability, among others. We’ll get you the best personalized coverage for your daycare. Contact us today to talk about your needs and your current coverage. It only takes one call to get started!

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