Key Considerations for Convenience Store Insurance

If you own a convenience store, you already know that it can be both mentally and physically demanding, yet financially rewarding. Convenience stores are easy to access and receive lots of business from commuters. While a steady flow of business puts you in an excellent position for financial reward, it also puts you at continuous risk.

At Hawsey Insurance, we can help you develop the right convenience store insurance that doesn’t stretch your budget out of shape. Work with experienced insurance agents that understand the unique needs of convenience store owners. Suppose you keep your doors open around the clock to sell fast food, essential pantry items, and liquor. In that case, you must have the right insurance policies in place to protect your inventory, employees, and customers.

Recommended Coverage for Convenience Stores

Consider the following options when building a convenience store insurance policy with one of our agents:

  • General liability (GL) insurance. GL insurance protects your business from premises and product liability. It’s essential if you also sell fuel.
  • Property insurance. This insurance product protects your building, machinery, and other property.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance. In Mississippi and many other states, businesses must provide workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees who get hurt or sick at work. Workers’ compensation covers lost wages and medical bills that result from work-related incidents.

It’s important to consider every aspect of your business when it comes to purchasing the right convenience store insurance policies. Here are additional recommendations to protect your customers, employees, and business:

  • Commercial auto. If you have vehicles for food delivery and other business needs, commercial auto insurance typically covers your vehicle or fleet better than individual coverage policies.
  • Business income insurance. Also called business interruption insurance, this coverage can protect your business when you have to close due to unforeseen circumstances that are covered in your policy.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance. All insurance policies have maximum coverage limits. Commercial umbrella insurance increases the coverage limits on existing policies such as general liability, auto, property, and other coverage.
  • Crime insurance. Many convenience store owners add crime insurance to their insurance portfolio to protect their business against theft. It includes coverage for employee-related theft.

Contact Hawsey Insurance for Convenience Store Insurance

You can shield your convenience store from financial risk. With the appropriate insurance, you can prevent your business from taking a huge financial hit if you have to pay for personal injury, property damage, and lawsuits out of pocket.

At Hawsey Insurance, our licensed commercial insurance agents can help determine the right level of coverage for your convenience store in Mississippi and the surrounding states. We are happy to meet in person at our offices in Jackson, Madison or Southaven, MS. Alternately, you can contact us online for a free convenience store insurance quote.M