Why You Need Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Your Small Business

Building a business takes hard work and persistence. It requires wearing many different hats. You are part sales representative, CEO, employee, and accountant, and all-in for your success. Support your endeavors with commercial insurance in Mississippi. It gives you the help you need when a claim is filed against you or your company. Your policies may be stretched before their limits are maxed out. When this happens, an umbrella policy is just what you need to ensure you can handle what comes your way.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Plan for the future of your company, including financial stability, by considering the benefits of adding umbrella insurance to your existing business insurance policies:

  1. It activates when other policies run out. Try as you may to foresee the future, there are many eventualities you cannot plan for. Take the pandemic that changed our world unimaginably. Who could have seen that coming? What about a broken pipe flooding your storage room and ruining all your products? That is where an umbrella policy comes in handy. If a claim threatens to exceed your coverage limits, it steps in and handles the balance.
  2. You can use it with your existing commercial automobile, general liability, and other plans. Your experienced broker can help you establish the best line-up of coverage to suit your requirements. Then, they can work with you to get the extra protection you seek by adding an umbrella policy.
  3. Umbrella coverage is not only for large corporations. Any size of company will enjoy the benefits…even small businesses. If you are an active small business, you will have peace of mind that comes with this additional coverage. No more worrying about coughing up additional funds over and above your current policy limits.
  4. Contractors that work on job sites need this coverage. If you are a janitorial, plumbing, landscaping, or another type of contractor, you work on job sites all day long. Your general liability coverage may not be enough if something happens while at a customer’s location.
  5. You get help with other fees as well. An umbrella policy can aid you with legal fees, damage expenses, and medical bills that send your regular insurance past its limits.

Get Extra Protection – Choose Commercial Umbrella Insurance  

No matter what the size is, you work hard to build your company and keep things in check. The helpful team from Hawsey Insurance understands this. We work diligently to find you the best coverage at reasonable rates. We are happy to review your existing coverage and help plug any gaps. Look to us for umbrella, general liability, commercial auto, and other types of business insurance to protect your enterprise and livelihood. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can serve you.

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