Reduce Claims on Your Commercial Insurance – Deter Distracted Driving

Today’s technology offers many advantages, including accessing information at a moment’s notice with a handheld device. Distracted driving has plagued us since the birth of the automobile, but technology makes it a much more common occurrence. You can help your employees by providing them with training and reminders to stop them from driving while distracted. You may find that rates on commercial insurance in Mississippi may decrease because of the extra care you and your employees take.

6 Tips and Suggestions to Help Your Employees Avoid Distracted Driving  

Build a sense of community within your organization and protect your employees when you give them the tools they need to drive less distracted. You can start by using these six tips:

  1. Develop a company-driving policy. You probably have specific guidelines for attendance and sexual harassment. You may even have policies for impaired, drowsy, or aggressive driving. It makes sense to have a policy in place addressing distracted driving, ensuring your employees understand that it is not condoned.
  1. Educate your employees on what distracted driving is. Many do not realize what distracted driving is and how much they miss when they glance away for a few seconds. Give them the support they deserve by educating them on the most common driving distractions, such as phones, electronics, eating, personal care, and reading.
  2. Use free apps to detect when a vehicle is in motion. These apps are designed to automatically respond on behalf of the driver while the car or truck is in motion. The apps send a standard response to the sender, asking for patience until the driver can get back to them.
  3. Encourage employees to pull over in a safe spot to take calls. Some drivers must talk with dispatch. When a conversation is required, it’s best for the driver to pull over in a safe area to use the phone.
  4. Investigate every driving accident. Make every attempt to determine the root cause of an accident, even if your employee wasn’t injured. More importantly, take all the steps necessary to prevent another mishap. It may indicate that your company’s driver safety training needs attention.
  5. Have drivers complete a defensive driving course. There are online driving courses, or a company can come in, such as the National Safety Council. You may also gain insurance discounts through your Mississippi commercial insurance company.

Protect Your Company and Save on Commercial Insurance in Mississippi

It’s vital to protect your employees and your company. Commercial insurance obtained with the help of the team at Hawsey Insurance is a good place to start. We understand the needs of our clients and have aided them with policies at affordable rates for over 20 years. We are happy to review your existing policies, offer options to fill any gaps, and provide tips for keeping claims at bay. Please talk with us today for more information.

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