Why Consult an Experienced Commercial Insurance Agent in Mississippi?

Whether you have a small, midsize, or large company in the Hospitality State, a commercial insurance agent in Mississippi can provide the expertise you need to protect your business. These days, you can’t open your doors before ensuring that you have the right commercial liability and other insurance coverage in place. With comprehensive insurance, you can recover more quickly if disaster strikes.

In order to find the best coverage for your enterprise, we recommend speaking with experienced commercial insurance agents in Mississippi. These experts have the specialized knowledge needed when it comes time to file a claim or upgrade your policy to grow with your business. Hawsey Insurance offers a wide range of business insurance products for different industries operating in the state.

Types of Commercial Insurance to Consider

Select a commercial insurance agent in Mississippi who offers a wide range of coverage at affordable rates. At Hawsey Insurance, we offer the following and may be able to help you save money by bundling your coverage:

  • Property insurance protects the physical structure of property owned by your company. Look into policies that sufficiently cover equipment, inventory, computers, and supplies.
  • Liability insurance reimburses you for expenses related to injuries that occur as a result of company products and services. It also covers customer injuries that take place on your premises.
  • Professional liability safeguards doctors, dentist, accountants, and other professionals from risk associated with conducting business.
  • Workers’ compensation is required by state law for most businesses and can help you protect your employees from lost wages and medical costs associated with work related injuries or illnesses.
  • Business continuity insurance helps you cover overhead costs following a covered event that prevents you from conducting business.
  • Commercial auto insurance provides the broad coverage you need for vans, trucks, and cars dedicated to your business use.
  • Umbrella Insurance increases the coverage available on your existing business insurance policy.

At Hawsey Insurance, our agents understand the pros and cons of each type of insurance coverage. We look out for the best interests of your business — and that includes keeping more of your money in the bank.

What to Look for in a Commercial Insurance Agent in Mississippi

Look for a commercial insurance agent with the following characteristics:

  • Licensed to sell commercial insurance
  • Deep knowledge regarding the coverage of Mississippi businesses and industries
  • A great reputation for fair business practices
  • Fast quotes available — Fill out our online form for a fast quote!
  • Claims experience
  • Great customer service that goes beyond selling you a policy

As your business grows, you need an insurance agent in Mississippi who proactively suggests changes that protect your company. At Hawsey Insurance, we are always available to review your current coverage and business needs.

Contact Hawsey Insurance at one of our three locations in Madison, Jackson, Southaven, MS. Our commercial insurance agents in Mississippi have many years of experience and a great reputation among our valued clients. Call 601-856-7707 to set up an appointment.