Commercial Auto Insurance Can Save Your Contracting Business Money

Running a contracting business in Mississippi can be challenging. Between meeting potential new clients, writing up bids, and finishing jobs, you must continually think of your company’s bottom line and have the funds you need to pay your property lease, employee wages, and other expenses. One way to increase your profit margin is to reduce the costs. You may think your commercial auto insurance is just another one of those monthly bills, but having the right coverage can save your company money. Accidents and unexpected events can lead to significant costs like repairs and legal fees. Having the right policies helps cover these costs and protect your bottom line.

How Your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Saves You Money

Avoid unexpected and costly expenses by better understanding how your commercial auto insurance policy may save money for your business. Then speak with your reliable insurance broker to determine the best coverage for your situation:

  1. Averting costly lawsuits. When an unfortunate accident happens, you could face an expensive lawsuit. A commercial auto policy provides liability coverage, which can help with the high legal fees and settlement costs. You can breathe easier knowing you won’t have to pay out of pocket for damages or injuries caused by one of your vehicles, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.
  2. Minimizing downtime after accidents. Your business operations may have to stop when one of your work vehicles is out of commission. The right policy can help with repairs or replacement costs, ensuring your company doesn’t suffer from prolonged downtime. Your projects remain on schedule, and the loss of income from a vehicle-related delay has been averted.
  3. Reducing out-of-pocket repair costs. Repairing your work truck or van can be incredibly expensive. A commercial auto insurance policy can significantly reduce what you may have to pay out of pocket. Your enterprise doesn’t have to bear the financial burden of unexpected repairs from an accident.
  4. Accessing special discounts. Some insurance companies may offer discounts tailored to businesses that prioritize safety and risk management. For example, if your company has a clean driving record and uses trucks and vans with advanced safety features, you may be eligible for reduced premiums.
  5. Protection against uninsured drivers. Accidents involving uninsured or underinsured drivers can be frighteningly expensive. If one of your fleet vehicles is hit by a driver without coverage, you will likely be the one covering the repair costs. Commercial auto insurance aids in protecting your company from these unexpected expenses.

Cost Savings Begins with a Reliable Commercial Auto Insurance Broker

Before you pull out of your company lot, be sure you have the best coverage for your business. Speak with the team at Hawsey Insurance. We’ve served small to mid-sized companies in Mississippi for years and have the experience and understanding to get you the commercial auto insurance coverage you need at reasonable rates. Depend on us to find quality policies, including general liability, property coverage, umbrella coverage, and cybersecurity insurance.

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