Why You Should Buy an Umbrella Policy with Your Business Insurance

You’ve probably heard the phrase about saving for a rainy day. The idea is that you have a little money or extra options if your first option fails. That maxim works well in life and in business. Say that you have a favorite drill. You have used it for years with no problems, yet it shows its age. Even though you might choose to buy a new drill, the smart thing to do is keep the old one as a backup. Another sensible idea is buying an umbrella policy with your Mississippi business insurance coverage. It provides the additional financial stability you need if claims arise and threaten your existing policy’s threshold.

How an Umbrella Policy Enhances Your Business Insurance Coverage

Having the right amount of insurance protection is important. It helps when claims hit you unexpectedly. Because each policy has its limits, you may find yourself stretched thin before a claim or lawsuit is rectified. That means you’ll have to expend money when the coverage runs out. An umbrella policy gives you additional protection beyond your Mississippi business insurance, so that you can breathe easier:

  1. It Fills in Gaps of Current Policies: If a covered event happens that depletes your general liability policy, your umbrella insurance fills in the gap.
  2. It Extends the Limits of Existing Coverage: Since it steps in when other policies, like commercial automobile insurance, run out, it essentially gives you a higher limit.
  3. Even Small Companies Can Benefit: This protection isn’t only for large corporations. Small businesses can get umbrella insurance.
  4. Think of It as a Second Line of Defense: When a client falls and suffers an injury at your facility, you want to know that things are covered if a lawsuit exhausts your principal insurance limit.


If you are still not convinced that an umbrella policy is the option for you, remember that today’s litigious society may find you scrambling if you’re sued. It can come from various events that you might not even think about. For example, your employee drives your landscape truck to a job site, but while on the way, they cause an accident resulting in property damage and injuries to others. Depending on the type of accident and other factors, you may find out that you owe more than your insurance will pay out. If you don’t have money in the bank, you’re in a bad spot.

Keep Your Enterprise Safer with the Right Business Insurance Policy 

Accidents will happen; claims will be filed. Will your policy hold up to an unexpectedly large claim? The team at Hawsey Insurance helps business owners like you get the best coverage at great rates. We look at all aspects of your insurance needs and provide options to give you peace of mind without breaking the bank. Learn more when you talk with us today.

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