5 Reasons You Need to Buy Business Insurance in Jackson, MS

Are you self-employed or have a side business in addition to your regular 9-5? If so, you know that there are many responsibilities that come along with all the perks. You may not have to answer to a micro-managing boss, but you have to make all the decisions. You are in charge of finding clients, working up quotes, and hiring employees. Additionally, you need to keep the well-being of your team members, clients, and company at the forefront of all you do. That’s where protecting it all with the right type of business insurance from your preferred Jackson, MS broker makes sense. You receive the help you need to cover property damage claims or when an employee is injured. Throughout all stages of your company’s growth, having an experienced agent supporting you is invaluable.

Why You Need to Buy Business Insurance

Small business owners may feel they are not ‘big’ enough to warrant buying insurance. Medium-sized companies often have policies that do not adequately cover them. Here are five reasons you should purchase or increase your business insurance coverage in Jackson, MS:

  1. The Law May Require It: Do you have employees? You will need to seek out workers’ compensation insurance to protect them if they become ill or injured while on the job. Other policy types may also be required. It’s wise to talk with a local broker to see what is expected by state regulations.
  2. You Will Need Help if You Are Sued: This is a litigious society, unfortunately. Some people are happy to sue you for a minor offense in the hopes of a big payday. Legal fees add up quickly, leaving you scrambling to keep your company afloat.
  3. You Gain Credibility with Customers: Your clients will feel much safer knowing that if something does happen, you are backed by insurance coverage. This is especially true for those working in the trades.
  4. Your Doors Can Stay Open Even after a Disaster: Certain policies, like commercial property, step in when natural disasters occur. Floods, hurricanes, and fires can quickly render you without a business. Insurance gives you the chance to get back to work.
  5. You Gain Peace of Mind: You don’t have a crystal ball to see what the future holds. However, business insurance offers you the peace of mind of knowing you can pick up the pieces if something happens. You can grow your company and know you’ll be okay.

Protect Your Company with Business Insurance from Hawsey Insurance

You don’t have to face the future alone. Gain the protection you need when you talk to a broker from Hawsey Insurance. We have years of experience with business owners in a variety of markets. We will sit with you, assess any gaps in your current coverage, and provide tailored options. Look to us for general liability, commercial auto, commercial umbrella, and other kinds of coverage. We’re here to help you!

Call Hawsey Insurance at (601) 856-7707 for a business insurance quote for your Jackson, Mississippi business. Feel free to contact us online or make an appointment at one of our satellite offices in Madison and Southaven, MS.