Cybersecurity and Business Insurance: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Commercial enterprises look much different today than they did 50 years ago. What took several days and many employees to accomplish can be done instantly with a click. Technology has made running a business far better streamlined than decades ago. For example, bookkeeping is easier since you don’t have to keep as many paper records as before. Another example is the area of marketing and advertising. With a simple website and some social media accounts, you can reach customers across the globe. We have much to celebrate with these technological advances. Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that many companies have also felt the frustration of being under a cyberattack and the ensuing ramifications. They have learned to take action to protect their digital assets. They also have solid business insurance, including cyber coverage, from a reliable Jackson, MS company.

11 Tips for Protecting Your Digital Business Assets

Companies will do much to protect their buildings and employees. It’s easy to overlook another category of assets that must be secure—digital assets. These are your computers, online services, and internet access that hackers cannot wait to get a hold of. Here are some tips to decrease the chance a cyber thug may attack you:

  1. Create strong passwords. The days of using your pet’s name for a password are long gone. Everyone in your organization should choose complex, unique passwords that are not repeated when changed. Additionally, changing them frequently adds another layer of security.
  2. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFAs add another layer of security as they require a password and another device, like a mobile phone or access to email. It can be a little extra work, but it can also prevent unlawful access to data.
  3. Keep up on software updates. Those pesky reminders of a new update available are not to be ignored. They offer protection from known vulnerabilities and help reduce your risk of a cybercriminal gaining a way to steal data.
  4. Use firewalls. By combining firewalls and intrusion detection systems within your network, you can monitor and block malicious traffic from the web.
  5. Implement data encryption. Anytime you send sensitive data, you should ensure it is encrypted. This goes for data that sits on your server or computer, too.
  6. Train employees. Your best defense is a well-trained team. Share with your employees the best practices to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and phishing.
  7. Back up data regularly. It is a matter of time before someone tries to gain entrance into your system. Regular backups will help you get up to speed if the worst happens.
  8. Restrict access as necessary. You may not require every employee to use all aspects of your system. It is helpful to develop layers of access based on the employee’s job function and deliverables.
  9. Keep an eye on vendors. Consider the required security practices if you have some third-party vendors that need to use your digital assets. These vendors can potentially bring vulnerability to your system.
  10. Conduct regular security checks. Not only do you need security measures for your data, but you should also secure physical access to servers and data centers. This will limit the exposure of your equipment only to those who need it.
  11. Purchase cybersecurity insurance. Business insurance is paramount to protecting your company. Cybersecurity insurance adds another layer of protection for you, your customers, and your reputation.

Protect Your Digital Assets with Business Insurance in Jackson, MS

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