Do You Need Commercial or Personal Auto Insurance in Mississippi?

If you don’t use your car for work, an individual auto insurance policy can adequately protect you on the road. However, if you have your own business with employees that use a company car to make deliveries, transport people, or deliver supplies, you should consider a commercial auto insurance policy.

Still not sure if you need individual or business coverage for your vehicles? At Hawsey Insurance, we understand that it’s confusing to choose the insurance that’s right for you. Commercial insurance is much more expensive than individual policies — but it also provides higher coverage limits and can protect your entire commercial fleet, if needed. Let us help you find the right auto insurance in Mississippi.

Commercial Insurance vs Personal Insurance

Here are the main considerations when it comes to choosing between personal versus business auto insurance:

  • Whose car is it? If your business owns the vehicle, you probably need a commercial auto policy for adequate coverage. It really depends on how often you use the car and what you use it for. For example, if you are a sole proprietor, you might be able to manage with personal car insurance. However, if you use the vehicle to make deliveries or transport people, you need beefed up medical and property damage coverage to protect your business.
  • How is the vehicle used? If you travel to more than one or two job sites per day or log plenty of hours on the road, it may be time to switch to commercial insurance. However, if you work out of your home and don’t use your car for business purposes, a personal policy will suffice.
  • What is the type and weight class of the vehicle? For commercial vehicles heavier than an SUV or pickup, you need commercial auto insurance. With commercial auto insurance in Mississippi, you can protect your semi-truck, tow truck, commercial trailer, and other heavy-duty vehicles with higher limits and expanded coverage, such as roadside assistance and cargo insurance.
  • Do you need a high liability limit? Individual auto insurance has a lower liability limit than commercial auto insurance does. You may find that you need commercial insurance to cover the replacement value of your vehicle.

What Does Personal Auto Insurance Cover?

Personal auto insurance policies cover the Mississippi state minimums of $25,000 per person injured in bodily injury, $25,000 in property damage, and $50,000 maximum bodily injury. Commercial auto insurance has higher liability insurance limits, covers unusual vehicles, and covers business use of a vehicle. However, if you work a 9 to 5 job and only use your vehicle to commute and cover personal needs, personal auto insurance is the way to go.

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